Sajid Badi-uz-zaman

More than 17 years of Experience of Web Development, PHP, Laravel, VueJS2, Elasticsearch, Angular, Now NuxtJS

I am Sajid Badi-uz-zaman. .

A quick study, dynamic, and punctual professional recognized for successfully integrating advanced technology to improve organizational growth and profitability. A multi-dimensional IT professional trusted by his peers/superiors with a proven record of meeting tight deadlines and handling pressure.

I am currently working at Zeropoint.IT as Senior Web Developer.

I usually use Laravel, CakePHP with ElasticSearch in various projects here. I also Built few componenets using VueJS.

I am in the process of making use of WebRTC technology using OpenTOK API and realtime notifications using Pusher API in one of my upcoming project. This project will also make use of Redis as Cache Server.

I also train people, mostly via online courses. If you are intesrested feel free to contact me.

You can always reach me at via Email or skype me @sajidzaman79

Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by.